Fresh Groundwater from Yasaka Shrine

Today we welcomed a group that could not drink tea for their religious reason from Uncover Japan. The tea ceremony experience without drinking tea.., hmm, that doesn't sound fun for my guests. Then, Uncover Japan's owner Mandy-san and I came up with a great solution. 御神水(go-shin-sui), means the god's water.


One of the most important shrines in Kyoto and the God of this area is Yasaka. As Kyoto is famous for high quality water, you can pick up fresh groundwater from some wells around the city and because of this quality, Kyoto is also popular for good tofu, sake and of course the centre of the tea ceremony.

 Me, taking the water at Yasaka shrine

Me, taking the water at Yasaka shrine

You must boil it once, but the water tastes soft and round, it really changes the taste of tea! With this water, the tea in your hands is completed to be blended with real nature.


We are happy to offer tea with go-shin-sui anytime upon request! Please call/email us at least one day in advance.