Kyoto sweets - Toraya

Not only water, we can also prepare special sweets upon request. Today, we had a private group and they asked something 'summer' with tea. Our solution was this;

Cute! isn't it? It's named '若葉蔭 wakaba-kage' from Toraya. Wakaba means fresh green leaves and kage means shade. You can imagine the feeling when you find a shade under a tree in a heating summer day. It's made of 'kohaku(amber).' When we make jelly, we use agar(寒天 kanten) instead of gelatine in Japan. It looks cool and we can enjoy the decoration inside. This one has a little gold fish and a green maple leaf, just like it's swimming in a river.

 Too cute to eat the little guy!

Too cute to eat the little guy!

Toraya has more than 500 years of history in Kyoto. It was established latter 16th century and they've made sweets for Royal family. You can still get sweets with very traditional design from 17th century at the shops. This Wakaba-kage is quite 'new' and it's designed in 1918, the year of Taisho 7. 

You can also enjoy with matcha tea at their cafes. I often go to Toraya Ichijo shop near the Imperial Palace. It has a beautiful garden and I do recommend it. There are in Tokyo and Paris too! Check here.

Please feel free to ask any special request, we are happy to make you smile:)