Jumping from the Stage of Kiyomizu??

Have you been to Kiyomizu temple and stood on the wide stage in front of the main building? 

Since it's really high and the Buddha(eleven-faced Kannon) in Kiyomizu has been believed that she makes any of your wishes come true, some time in Edo period(1603-1868) we started to say 'Jump from the Stage of Kiyomizu' when you make a big wish.

Well actually, by recent investigation on a Samurai's diary, there are 234 people really jumped out. Seriously?! It's 12 metres high, like 4th floor of a building. In fact, 85% were alive and 70% were women, mostly 10s to 20s, the oldest was 80 years old!

One of the jumping was described as this: Around 16:00 on 15th April 1704, 19-year-old girl named Kiwa, a niece of Seibei the oil marchant, jumped but safe, then she stood up and started to walk away. When she was stopped and asked the reason, she replied "I did it for my husband."

Can you?